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Marshall Foster

Sunset on the island of Kiribati.

Marshall Foster

Growing up in Texas, before the internet made the world just a click away, my window to the world was a vibrant stack of National Geographic magazines in our family’s modest bathroom. Each page would instantly transport me through time and space, off to distant lands filled with fascinating people. Little did I know then, these stories would serve as the sparks that would later fuel my passion. National Geographic was my initial connection to the wider world, and it was in these moments of discovery where I realized that I wanted to play a part in telling the story of the world and those living in it.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve traversed the globe, telling stories for over 100 clients in over 45 countries. From the front lines of disaster zones to the inner workings of livelihood programs and medical initiatives, my work has sought to bring to light the struggles of those whose voices might otherwise go unheard. On this journey, I have remained dedicated to my vision of using visual storytelling to evoke emotion and inspire action.

I believe photography is more than just taking a snapshot. It’s a personal journey that requires time, patience, and trust. It’s about getting close enough to people to see the details of their stories, just like how you’d lean in to admire a flower. Through my lens, I’ve had the privilege to witness the remarkable strength and fragility of humanity, discover the hidden beauty that flourishes amidst hardship, and experience the profound hope and healing that arises when we unite to help one another. These are the moments that stir our souls and leave heartfelt lumps in our throats. They make us feel more connected, more alive and more human than ever before.

For me, photography has been a pathway of discovery, a catalyst in overcoming my fears, and a medium for forging connections. My wish is that my work inspires others to engage the world, extend a hand to those in need, and make a difference in their own unique way. I truly believe that in doing so, others will embark on a similar transformative journey. They too might even grow from a bathroom explorer to global storyteller.


Over the last 15 years, I’ve had the privilege to traverse the globe, capturing fleeting moments of beauty and humanity, photographing for over 100 clients in more than 45 countries. From the front lines of disaster zones to the inner workings of livelihood programs and medical initiatives, my journey is not just one of miles traveled, but also of voices heard.

My aim is to focus my lens on the invisible stories, those unheard symphonies of human experience. I strive to craft not merely images, but reflections of emotion – reflections that resonate, inspire, and ignite change. And so, in every photograph, I strive to capture more than a moment. Each is a message, a dialogue between the viewer and the viewed—a testament to our shared humanity in this vast and beautiful world.

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See the light, be the light; Shine, and the whole world ignites.

Through my storytelling, I hope to inspire others to lean into the light, to see it in themselves and others. To be the light that reveals the beauty that thrives even in the toughest circumstances, and the harsh truths that need to be seen. For when we do, the world becomes brighter, more compassionate, and more vibrant.

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